Who’s Macs?



I’m a 40 year old youtuber, photographer, graphics artist, producer, crazy person and fun guy. Born and raised in Sweden I have the typically minimalistic touch on stuff I do. Keep stuff simple, clean and to the point. All my life I have had a passion for the aestetics of things. How stuff looks, feels and sounds has always been important to me. I’ve shot major fashion campaigns and music videos, done graphics design and layout work for huge catalogue productions and even did the paintjob design for a commercial airline. It’s pretty cool to see your design on a airplane I tell you.

Now with over 20 years in the graphics and design business I have have seen my share of struggling people trying ot understand how stuff is created. So with the Macs Knows project I will try to give the average Joe as well as professionals an insight into how stuff is produced and conceived in the digital world. The main focus will be on techniques using software such as Photoshop, Indesign, Capture One, Final Cut Pro X, Pro Tools and more.

As a fellow YouTuber, producing the Ellimacs SFX Makeup channel, one of the most popular SFX makeup channels in the world, I am fully aware of the struggles of keeping a consistent design and feel to your videos, as well as renewing your format to keep it interesting. Hopefully I can give you a few pointers and tips on how to bring new life and sparkle into your own channel.

Free stuff coming

My intention is also to create a custom tuber library with FREE TO DOWNLOAD templates for endcards, final cut plugins, intros, music, and videoclips. All 100% royalty free so you can use them in your own productions. As this projects gets up to speed you’ll also find reviews and a few life hacks here.


Want to get to know me? Add me on instagram @macsmoser, Facebook or contact me through the page here.

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